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JULY 22 - JULY 28, 2024

Events Schedule

New events are still being added so check back often.


The Church Street Festival is a community festival that highlights the local businesses, groups, and organizations to visitors and residents, promoting the town as an outstanding community to live and visit. 

The festival encourages and embraces our diverse, multi-talented community in all forms and encourages partnerships between individuals, businesses, artists and artisans.

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events schedule
Andrea and Jay Source - Church Street Festival - Bonavista
Fog-town -Church Street Festival - Bonavista
Chicken Hamburger Church Street Festival - Bonavista
Pottery - Church Street Festival - Bonavista
Market - Church Street Festival - Bonavista
Fireworks - Church Street Festival - Bonavista
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Registration Deadline
July 20, 2024


Let's "Knitifiti"
Yarn Bomb

Mummers Parade - Bonavista_edited_edited.jpg

Mummers Parade


& Free Community BBQ

July 22, 2024

Make your summer in Bonavista memorable by joining the fun at the Mummers Parade and Town BBQ.

Mummers are masked merrymakers in quirky costumes who go to great lengths to keep their identities hidden, including changing the way they walk and talk and adding padding in all the wrong places to change their shape or size.  It’s not uncommon to cover faces with a pillowcase or lace curtain. Mummers can also carry “ugly sticks,” which are hand-made musical instruments they have fashioned out of household items or tools, and almost always with an old boot or shoe at the bottom. Find ou more about where to meet up to join the pararde.


Scheduled for July 28, 2024 at 10 PM

Garrick Theatre - Church Street Festival - Bonavista
Town of Bonavista Logo - Church Street Festival - Bonavista
The Matthew Legacy - Church Street Festival - Bonavista
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